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Our niche: Grocery, Value and Impulse channels.

We Create Sales Strategies to Fit Your Brand

The team at Sefide Global understands that you’ve poured your heart and soul into developing an amazing CPG product. We’re here to help you develop sales and marketing strategies that will get your product in the right channel, with the right retailer, at the right time to drive sales and growth.

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How we work with you

Step 1



We work with you to analyze your brand, your product and your goals. Then we give you a customized business plan, including CPG sales and marketing strategies, channel placement, target retailers, sales objectives and planned selling cycle.

Step 2



We meet with retailers to present our targeted sales pitch, negotiate the best deal for you and put it into action. Sefide Global monitors every step of the sales and distribution process, including purchase orders, shipping and delivery.

Step 3

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Once your CPG product has launched, Sefide Global tracks your product’s placements and performance at the store level, manages ongoing relationships with retail partners and recommends ways to improve and expand.

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