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Marketing food ideas to get your product noticed

The U.S. food retail industry supplies about $1.8 trillion worth of food every year, with more than $6 trillion in sales. Yes, that’s trillion with a “t”!

With such a huge market, how can one company hope to succeed in marketing food to consumers?

“Building brand awareness is essential for any product, and it’s particularly critical in a crowded market like the food industry,” said Tae Sung Kim-Kelly of Sefide Global.

In the past, producers might rely on TV advertising, highway billboards or product placements for its food marketing – all of which can be expensive, and still get drowned out by the competition, Tae Sung said.

Today, because of new digital technology in particular, producers have lots of options in marketing food to get noticed.

Be Visual

Food appearance is a big factor in tempting the appetite, and the same principle applies to marketing food. Invest in professional photography and videography for your food product. Be sure the images convey the message you’re aiming for – healthy snacks, elegant cocktails, kids’ meals, etc. You’ll be able to leverage great pictures in all of your marketing food tactics.

Get Social

Having a blog on your business can serve as the crux of larger social media and email marketing campaigns. Post a blog item on the testing of a new flavor, then use your social media and email blasts to promote the new post, directing users back to your website for more information. Be sure you’ve picked the right social media channels for your brand and are using relevant hashtags.

Find Your Eaters

Do you have a new energy drink to promote? Take free samples to a community softball game! Thirsty players can give you feedback on your product, and you can ask permission to use photos and videos on your social media. Be sure to have coupons for your new fans to give to friends and family.

Partner with an Influencer

Instagram is full of amateur “foodies” who are always looking for new products to try. Approach ones that are a good fit with your brand. Starting local is also great to build a relationship that’s mutually beneficial. Videos, photos and even in-person appearances at local events can put you ahead of competitors that just sit on the shelves waiting to get noticed.

Cultivate Good Reviews

Set up a mechanism on your website for customer reviews and promote them in all of your communications. Identify candidates to approach about doing video reviews. Video is proven as a superior content delivery device on Facebook, Google Ads and Instagram. Build up a stable of video reviews and use them online, in social media posts, in digital advertising, as part of regular e-blasts and on your YouTube channel. More than 80% of global internet consumption is video – use it to your advantage!

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