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Value Channel

We understand the value market.

We know how to sell your product in thousands of stores like Dollar Tree, Walmart & Costco. 

Grocery stores and supercenters make up the bulk of CPG sales, but convenience and dollar stores are growing fast. Is your product a good fit for the value channel?

Your product might be perfect for a value store.

Find out how your product can beat the competition.


Big box retailers might have lots of space, but it is easy for a product to get lost. Smaller stores give new products the ability to be seen by many.

Open Door Policy

Value stores want to be known as easy-entry retailers. Their strength is working with many vendors to grow your respective businesses.

Well respected

Value stores are known for maintaining an honest relationship with vendors and consumers. All of our vendors are Fortune 500 companies that are well respected in their community.

We Help You Understand Value Retailers

There are more than 34,000 dollar stores in the US, and they’re reporting big sales and profits. Could your product ride the wave?

Sefide Global will work with you to navigate the exciting new opportunities in the value channel.

Sefide Global is your bridge to retail sales.

Let’s talk about new value channel opportunities.