Impulse Channel

woman selling popcorn and soda at movies
What is an Impulse channel?

Selling in unusual places.

Selling candy at the movies has such a long history, many of us can’t remember not associating movie theaters with consuming a “snack or sweet.”  

Selling popcorn at the movies might have been the beginning of the impulse market.

Increasing revenue with sales of products that were not in the original intention of consumer.  Now you will see electronic gadgets at Home Goods, candy at Bed Bath and Beyond and Halloween decorations at Home Depot.

Find out if your product is a good fit for the impulse market.

We find the right stores for your product

Waiting in line at the hardware store, those drinks and snacks start to look good. Could your brand tempt shoppers at the checkout line?

Consumers like being able to pick up some candy or chips while they’re shopping for paint brushes or craft supplies. Sefide Global works with stores to get those tasty snacks placed in the right spot and priced to sell.

We Help Your Brand Tempt Shoppers

plant in pot with dollar sign on it


The impulse market is perfect for sweet and snacks, but should the price be higher or lower?

icon truck in front of clock

Product packaging

Can you use the same packaging you did for grocery stores? Selling products in non-standard sizes can introduce your product in a smaller size.


Sefide Global understands the unique challenges that come with the impulse market and will help you develop a product that’s the right size, price and position to get grabbed up by hungry shoppers.

Sefide Global is your bridge to retail sales.

Let’s talk about new impulse sales opportunities.