Congratulations on your
amazing product!


How do you get it on retail shelves?

Sefide Global is the CPG Broker that will show you the way!

Why hire a CPG Broker?

You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your product. But stores only have so much room, and each one has different rules. Is a store looking for “certified organic” or “100% organic”? Is it better to position your candy or snacks for Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Your partners at Sefide Global know the answers!

Tae shaking hands with CPG vendor

You’re the expert on your brand. We’re the experts on how to pitch your products to the decision-makers in the retail industry.

Tae and Robert sitting at desk looking at CPG product sales projections

A Team you can trust

Tae Sung and Robert Fontaine have a unique combination of experience and skills to get your brand noticed.

Our Services


We focus on developing sales plans and marketing strategies, so you can focus on your brand.

Product Development

We have the inside industry knowledge to help you position and package your product in the marketplace.

Retail Relationship Management

We leverage our relationships with retailers to get your product a prime position on store shelves, keep it there and even expand your space.

Our Channels

Sefide Global serves as your CPG agency, developing results-driven strategies across three channels of trade.

Let’s get your products out on the shelves today!